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2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty 6.7-Liter Turbo Diesel Review

Hey guys, today I want to show you some of the features of the all-new for 2017 Ford F-350 platinum. We’re going to start up here by taking a look at the redesigned grille and headlights. As you guys can see, the new 2017 model still maintains the original look of the double bar front grille with our big Ford logo in the center.

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Front Side

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However, it’s been redesigned just a little bit to incorporate this new headlight style which is quad four style of the headlight with LED instead of your typical halogen type light. Also, if you notice on the side, the only part of the headlight that actually goes back into the fender now is the side marker turn signal area. And the rest of the front of the truck still comes with your fog lights and your tow hooks.

Now, one added feature that’s available is also a PTO drive that you can use to power some snow blowers and things of that nature. Now, moving on around the truck, you can see here that this truck also comes with some really nice looking tires. Some really shiny looking chrome wheels on it. And also has the new aluminum body which is going to reduce weight and allow for an upgraded tougher, more durable suspension, and steering, which is going to allow you better hauling and towing capacities. And also, speaking of hauling and towing, has power retractable towing mirrors which allow you to move them in and out, just with the push of a button.

Very Strong Frame

2017 Ford F-350 HD Wallpapers, 2017 Ford Super Duty HD Wallpapers

For added strength and durability, this truck also comes with the all-new fully enclosed steel frame. Ford comes with the really unique styling of this new looking Ford F-350 design in the platinum badge. Also, you have clearance lights already on the top, so you don’t have to install them. This one is a 6.7-liter power stroke turbo diesel, which means you’re going to have plenty of power for all that are towing and hauling as well. And it’s also available in the V8 gas version.

One of the really cool things about this truck is that because it is the platinum version it comes with power running boards already installed, which is kind of nice because when you don’t need those down. They’re up out of the way, so you can use this as a work truck which it was intended to be. You have this really nice chrome accessory added to it to give it a little bit of style. And as we move on to the back, you can see back here that because this is the diesel, it has twin exhaust on here with chrome tips, which is going to add a little extra flare and just kind of make this work truck look a little more flashy and style.

Blind Spot Radar

As we move on to the back, you can see here that they have a really unique blind spot radar, which is going to allow you, especially if you’re pulling a trailer, to know if somebody’s back here alongside you before you switch lanes, which is a really awesome thing to have. You also have backup sensors which are going to let you know if somebody’s behind you if you’re backing up, so you don’t run into anything.

Back Camera

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Back Camera Blind Spot RadarYou have your cameras back here. You have the one for the trailer, and also your backup camera as well. The really neat thing about this is that the truck automatically knows when you have a trailer attached to this, and it will turn on that camera for you. There’s another camera up in the back, by the third brake light that allows you to see cargo in the bed as well, which is really awesome.

You can see back here your new hitch design with the new bigger, more sturdy hitch. Plus, it comes with the inserts so you can use the smaller receivers as well. It has both your seven pin round for your trailer connector and also your five or your four pin flat. Nice-looking chrome detailing back here for the platinum version. And one of the really neat things about it, which is unique to the new Ford, is that you have your key fob, just give it one of these, and down comes the tailgate.

Nice Lighting System

Now, how cool is that, guys? You can see in here that it has plenty of attachments for towing, has a push-button in here to turn on your LED bed lights so that you can see back here in the dark. Plus, it has your connector in here, and your stuff already installed for a fifth wheel. Now, you also have in here, because this is a big truck, you have step and the rail to allow you to get in and out of the back of this truck a lot easier. It closes up very easily, stows out of the way so that way there’s no worries if you need to haul something or anything of that nature. And you close your tailgate; you’re all ready to go.

So, now that we’ve had a look at all the outside features let’s take a look at the inside. Okay guys, one of the things that you notice right away when you get in this new F-350 is that this thing really feels like a truck. It’s solid, the doors close solid. And when you’re sitting in here, you actually can look out and feel like you’re in something that’s built to last. First of all, you can look and see that everything is right within reach.

High Technology

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Interior


All your controls are nice, easy to reach, all the stuff for your cruise, your sync all those different setting for your voice commands, your. All your controls for your radio, and your cruise control. Your windows and mirrors are all easily accessible right here. Plus, this truck also has three separate settings over here that you can set for your seats and your steering wheel, which by the way, your steering wheel and your brake pedals also move to where if you’re a little bit shorter, you can raise ’em up, or if you’re long-legged like I am, you can push ’em away, so it gives you a little bit more leg room up here in the front.

It has four-way flashers you can use if you have to stop alongside the road or someplace. Down here, you have some compartments. Down inside here, you have a couple of USB connections which are quite cool if you want to sync up for your stereo and things in that nature. Just give that a little tap and that goes right back closed. You also have cap holders that are right here, nice and handy storage compartments. You have your center console, which, guys, check this out.

Beautiful Design & Comfortable Interior

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Interior


This all leather, very soft, very comfortable to rest your arms on. And just give a little push right here, opens up, and look how big this thing is, guys there is room for all kinds of stuff in here. So, that’s pretty awesome as well. And you have a little coin thing in here to keep your loose change, and possibly, maybe your credit cards or something like that that you want to keep handy and have access. Maybe some business card if you’re using this for work purposes.

Right up here, you can see you have both the 12 volt and the AC ports because this truck does have a power inverter so you can run 110-volt stuff off of this as well. So as we go on up to the top, we can see we have a whole bunch of controls. These are for the. To open the sunroof, we’re just going to open that up. Now, you have that sunroof that. Right there that opens, and we’re going to go ahead and open that up. You can open it up all the way fully like this, or we’ll close it back up. And here’s another really cool thing, guys, if it’s raining out and you want to get some air in without opening that up, you could just pop the back side up just like that.

That’s our review of the new 2017 F-350. This one is the platinum edition; it’s also available in a few others, so just check that out depending on what your needs are, anything from a base model to a king ranch and so on and so forth. So, until next time, guys, happy motoring.

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