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9 Reason Why Ford F-150 Raptor Are So Expensive

This is a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. It’s a tough pick up that cost nearly $65,000, and unlike most pickup trucks you can’t really get a discount on the Raptor. I’ve borrowed this one from a friend here in the Philadelphia area to find out exactly why the most immediately obvious reason why the Raptor cost so much more than a standard F-150 which starts at $27,000.

1. Brawny and Stylish

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HD Wallpapers Race Custom

It is appearance look at this thing these brawny, muscular flared fenders both in front and in the back. The huge grille that says Ford and giant letters to let you know exactly what’s coming up behind you, these needy off-road tires and these special wheels. This isn’t a standard F-150, but it’s not just the style in the design that makes the Raptor worth the money. It’s also up here now the old Raptor used a huge 6.2 liter v8 and when Ford announced that the new model would only have a v6.

There was a collective disappointment in the pickup truck world; there was a collective disappointment then they announced to have 450 horsepower and 510 pounds of torque. That’s three mill horsepower in 80 more pound feet than the outgoing Raptor with that and the new 10 speed automatic transmission an industry-first.

2. Strong and Good Looking

This huge thing does 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds 5.3 seconds. The Raptors not only strong, but it also suit well virtually. Every other pickups off-road version mainly consists of adding some chunky tires and a bunch of stickers on the side to say all-terrain, but this thing is seriously prepped for going way off-road. Yes, there are some cosmetics and the chunky tires, but there’s also a reinforced frame to help handle off-roading abuse.

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3. Has Enhanced Suspension System

Ford F150 Suspension System
An enhanced suspension system with nearly 14-inches of travel skid plates a limited slip differential low range gearing so this truck is attractive and muscular. It’s powerful, it’s fast, and it’s highly capable off-road. And we haven’t even gotten to the Raptors cool quirks and features yet like for example these little orange lights in the grille which gives the Raptor this distinctive menacing look.

You know exactly what’s coming up behind you when you see these lights. Now the government mandates orange marker lights on any commercial vehicle which it defines as any vehicle over 80 inches in width. The regular f150 is seventy-nine points nine inches in width intentionally but the Raptor. It’s flared fenders; its big wheel arches go over 80, and so it means the orange lights forward integrated them into the grille just to make it cool. Another cool feature all pickup trucks have a tailgate in the back, of course, but the raptor has a power tailgate push a little button on the key fob. The tailgate just opens right up for you, so you don’t have to do plebeian things like open the tailgate manually now once the bed down so you want to climb inside it well actually.

4. Hi-Tech

Getting up here, kind of a challenge fortunately forward is figured out a way to make it a lot easier push a little thing the step comes out. But even that would be hard I don’t want to fall over so boom boom now I got a railing look at this. Look how easy that was even an idiot can get on the back of this truck such as myself and putting way the railing is hilariously easy. Push button one and slide it down then push the lever mark two and it’s gone get inside the truck and turn it on.

You’ll notice one of the coolest graphics I have ever seen when you start a car. You’ll also notice that the Raptor has all the safety features of a new luxury car including an electronic system that keeps you in your lane radar, cruise control, collision warning, and a blind-spot system whose radar is integrated into the taillight. Now among all those safety features, you may have also noticed a little icon in there that said trailer bliss. That’s the trailer blind spot system, that’s right, the blind spot system in this vehicle is so advanced. It goes beyond just the truck itself. Hook up a trailer and the blind spot system will be active to let you know if there’s a vehicle in your trailer’s blind spot.

5. Cool Safety Feature Camera

Ford F150 Camera System

Another new cool feature is the Raptor has a backup camera like most cars put it in reverse and the camera shows up, but my favorite part is that the 360-degree camera actually shows a Raptor that’s cool attention to detail. It could have been in generic F-150, and nobody ever would have cared. Another one of my all-time favorite Raptor features are the mirror spotlight push a little button inside the cabin, and an LED light comes on at the mirror. This is actually more useful than you might think. You’re driving down a dark road you’re about to park your car and get out put the spotlight on it. I stopped everything so that you can see exactly what’s around you. You can even tell sort of what a curve is if you’re trying to park in a tight space at night.

6. Excellent Shifting System

The Raptor has a lot of buttons on the steering wheel, most of them are obvious, but my favorite is the mode button. It doesn’t control stereo modes but rather driving modes, for example, normal sports weather, mud, sand, and the best Baja mode which tightens shifting holds gears longer and proof throttle response for high-speed desert running. Another cool feature about the Raptor steering wheel has paddle shifters, and they’re actually high-quality metal paddles. How many pickup trucks do you know that you can ship with paddle shifters on the steering wheel? Speaking of shifting put the Raptor and drive in the gauge cluster gives you a confirmation that you do indeed have a 10-speed automatic that never seen one through 10 light up on your gauge cluster before. The gauge screen also includes a lot of other cool stuff like the off-road status icons turn, the steering wheel, and it shows you the exact number of degrees your wheel is turned and where the wheels are pointing. It’s pretty useful off-road, but the off-road status doesn’t only show the steering angle.

I’ve parked the truck on the ramp and well check out what the off-road status says it shows the angles of the truck‚Äôs position, which can be tremendously helpful if you’re off-road. Also in the gauge cluster a turbo boost gauge not a common sight in a pickup truck. Another thing I love about this truck is the rear window now in a lot of pickups it’s this thing you have to unlatch and then slide, and it’s kind of challenging to do, and it’s an ungainly process, but this thing has sort of a magic window inside a window. I think it’s awesome you press a little button up by the sunroof control, and then the window just slides open. If I actively commence press it again, it closes right up to me.

7. Sitter Switches Features

A little feature another cool item is the Raptors up Sitter switches. The Raptor doesn’t come with any auxiliary offloading lights or similar electronic accessories like The 2020 Ford Bronco, but if you want to install any, the switches are there right on the ceiling. So you can install an accessory without adding some ugly out-of-place switch in the interior. Another thing I love is the giant center console. Interestingly the glove box isn’t very big at all, in fact, the growing box can’t even fit the owners main you enclose properly let alone all the other papers and documents that come with the truck.

8. Amazing Towing Features

ford f-150 towing trailer

I guess I just figured that everything you possibly could ever need to bring with you. You can get in the center console. The Raptor also offers some amazing towing features now. In the old days to back up with a trailer you just put it in reverse and kind of check your mirrors and hope for the best that’s no longer the case. The Raptor can learn a trailer, in fact, you can even name the trailers that you own my trailer. I think I’ll call it Doug then you must talk about the checkered trailer details those are these things.They come with a Raptor when you buy it new, and you stick it on the trailer then the Raptors camera system uses it as a reference point to figure out exactly where the trailer is. When you’re trying to back up here’s the crazy part with the decal in place you can steer the Raptor and trailer using only this dial. Forget about the steering wheel; the truck does all the rest. So it’s already becoming pretty clear why the Raptor is worth so much more than a standard F150.

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9. Fuel Economy

This truck is fuel economy but surprisingly very strong. This truck is an awesome all around her, and it is worth every bit of $65,000. The raster, unlike most pickup better dish that it would run, I mean there’s a nine-block I would consider finding one, but I have to go now. Brumm !

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