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Aston Martin V8 2017 Buyer Review & Pictures Collection

I think we all agree that Aston Martin V8 2017 looks spectacular. Most Aston Martins are pretty, not all of them though. But the V8 Vantage is exceptional. There is also a V 12 Vantage version. But in order to keep the option of driving that sometimes open, I won’t talk about the V 12 again.

So I will only talk about the Aston Martin V8 2017 engines and their performance and their segments. Aston Martin likes to be compared to the Porsche 911. But those cars have very different characteristics.

The Aston Martin V8 2017

The Aston Martin V8 2017  Images HD 0I3

The Aston Martin V8 2017

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Images HD 6FO

Aston Martin V8 2017 Specs & Review

The earlier V 8 Vantages either have a manual or an automatic transmission. And the automatic is actually a robotized manual gearbox. Which means that the electronics controls the clutch. It is a single clutch, however, which means I have to drive a bit faster to show you that it really dives when you do not lift when it changes gears.

The gearbox is quite slow also when maneuvering. It’s not brilliant which is one of the biggest downsides of this car in terms of handling and driving. There isn’t much choice in terms of engines only two V 8’s multiple versions, but there are only 4.3 and 4.7-liter engines.

There is some variation between the performance figures. But in the basics an engine that has it’s rooted at Jaguar. Which was part of the Ford concern back then. They had plenty of brands! And this was a successful car for Aston Martin. And it is still for sale as new if you would really want that. I don’t think many people still buy it. But you still can.

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Images HD CD5

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Images HD CD5

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Images HD HXA

There are only a few for sale on marketplaces, and the prices vary from 60 grand to 300- 400 grand for a pretty new or a new GT 8 which is a special racing edition. Limited as well. Before buying a convertible, roadster, spider or whatever always look at our convertible video. Which is a special that Casper made.

Which explains how to check the hood and other complications. Just a few things to pay attention to especially with early Aston Martin V8 2017 vantages. Paintwork quality. No all of them are great this one doesn’t have any problems but sometimes bubbles form around the parking sensors, the A-beams underneath here engine hood is also a possible spot.

Certainly when buying a real early V 8 vantage so 2005/ 2006 it’s wise to check. Two other things fuel cap, which is here. It’s quite heavy so check this spot for any weird damages. This one is fine. Let’s open this. Water in the boot happens sometimes. There are drainage holes very deep here at least with the roadster. The coupe is likely different. Just check the mats for moisture. Because especially when opening the boot quite a lot of water can fall in.

Photos Collection Of Aston Martin V8 2017

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Images HD NGT

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Red HD NGT

The Best Aston Martin V8 2017 HD STW

The Best Aston Martin V8 2017 Images HD STW

Best Photos of The Aston Martin V8 2017 HD YA3

Best Photos of The Aston Martin V8 2017 HD YA3

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Black HD ZFOJO

Cool Aston Martin V8 2017 Black HD ZFOJO

Photos of The Aston Martin V8 2017 HD 0GZ

Aston Martin was a part of the Ford concern as well as Volvo. Which means that some parts may remind you of other cars. Like this one. Which is the spare key actually. There is usually a prettier one. But this is just a Ford part. What is also clumsy, you have to turn the key and then press start.

Just a few little things. But also the navigation system buttons to control the electric windows and the chair set-up are all recognizable as Swedish products. And while discussing electronics check everything.

The Aston Martin V8 2017 Vantage is not known to have many problems, but problems are quite costly to fix. So just be sure that everything works. The navigation system is originally from Volvo which wasn’t even state of the art back then. Not something you would expect with a car like this. In the current time, There’s the gearbox again! I have to get used to the lifting.

The first generation Audi R 8 had the same problems and Ferraris as well. Although they were often faster. But it remains annoying, a gearbox like this. More points of interest. Something to pay attention to the chassis is relatively solid it doesn’t have many structural problems. But it is all expensive to replace. Tires, brakes, lights, just check everything thoroughly.

Ensure that everything is in good shape. Because if you have to replace parts when you just bought the car, it could set you back a few thousand Euros. If the brakes squeak a lot when braking. This often means that the brake pads are worn out. Often this means replacing them. In terms of powertrain.

What is very important with these type of cars is a complete service history with a suitable brand service station. Or at least a specialist. And not at some weird back-street shop. On the whole, this is quite reliable engine. Just a few points of attention lambda sensors in the early Aston Martin V8 2017 Vantages so really in the early ones may break sometimes.

The plastic engine cover which can get loose and that will melt because of the heat. Which is not that dangerous it won’t burn, but it is quite sloppy. Now you hear more noise because there is a valve in the exhaust system that opens above a certain RPM, I think 3. 500. But when you remove fuse 22 it is open permanently. Quite nice for a fun car. Maybe a little less nice for the neighbors.

The Aston Martin V8 2017 HD 4C2

If you manage to find a Aston Martin V8 2017 Vantage with a manual gearbox, saves some money for the clutch. Because that may stop working without warning. With normal cars, you notice that the gears won’t work as easily and the pedal coming up higher. The V 8 Vantage just stops working at once. And of course, that is a part with quite the price tag. Which fits the rest of the car, so that’s just expensive.

We found this car at Vossenstein exclusive. Maybe the color is a little weird but I think it’s quite special. We all know Vossenstein. They are next to the A 2 and they always park their cars along the road there.

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