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Comparison of The New 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor vs Old Raptor

All right, guys, before we go any further, I have to address something here. Yes, this new truck is powered by a V6 and no, it doesn’t sound as good as a V8. However, the sooner we get past this fact, the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy this truck for what it fully is. So, deal? All right, let’s do it.

The New 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

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Comparison of  The New (2017) and Old Raptor


Let’s go to the tail of the tape here, compare some of the flashy stats and see if the new Raptor is actually better than the old raptor. On the surface, power numbers, the ecoboost wins, right, 450 horsepower, 510-foot pounds of torque. At the crank, mind you, that is better than the previous generation 6. 2, 411 horsepower 434-foot pounds of torque. So, clear victor goes to 2017. What about travel? well, that’s obviously something that’s pretty important with an off-road vehicle, right? and with the 2017 Raptor, you’re looking at about 13 inches of travel for the suspension up front, 14 in the rear, that’s better than the previous generation Raptors, 11 inches up front and about 12 inches in the rear.

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Ground Clearance

2017 ford f-150 raptor vs old raptor

What about that ground clearance? Well, that is up with the next generation Raptor here, about 12 inches what you’re looking at with the 2017, compared to roughly 10 inches with the previous generation raptor. And the amount of water that you can safely enter and exit is up two inches here with the 2017. But what if you’re really serious about off-roading and you probably really care about that approach break over, and departure angle? well, happy to say, they’re all improved here with the 2017 over that last generation Raptor.

So again, you can see a pattern here, right guys? so far, the next gen raptor is much better than the previous generation. And as a manufacturer, that’s what you want, right? You want to push the truck forward, you never wanna go backward, and it’s safe to say, Ford did not do that here with the next generation Raptor. But what do you say we hop out of the truck real quick, walk around, and take a look at what’s new here with the 2017? now, just like the original raptor that debuted over a half a decade ago, the 2017 takes the standard F- 150 cabin body and just injects them with a massive amount of steroids.

Widened Front and Rear

2017 ford f-150 raptor vs old raptor

Now, both the front and the rear of the truck have been widened, over six inches to be exactand the front of the truck does receive some vents here in the fenders in addition to the hood, which does help add a very tough appearance. But without a doubt, my favorite part of the truck from an appearance standpoint is the front end, just super tough-looking. Ford spelled out loud and proud. You got the signature LED running lights here in the grille, and my personal favorite, blacked out LED headlights which I will promptly be stealing after this video for my personal F- 150.

Better Size on The Side

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HD Wallpapers Blue Side

Walking down the side of the truck, you get a better sense for the size of this thing in that new altitude, thanks to the all-new for 2017 fox racing suspension that we will dive into a little bit later on. But for now, just know that it’s enough height to squeeze in the all-new for 2017 BFG KO 2s. This is a 315/70/17, basically, equates to a 35-inch tire in diameter. They’re currently wrapped around your base option for wheels. This is the 17-inch cast wheel. It can ball out and go with the Beadlock-capable Ford wheel, set you back 1,100 bucks. Now, these KO 2s are actually specific to the 2017 and newer Raptors. Ford actually worked with BFG when designing the KO 2 for the raptor here, gave it a unique tread compound, giving it a little bit less rolling resistance.

Less Noise When Driving

The new 2017 Ford Raptor also kept the volume down as well or the noise when driving, which we all know, with an aggressive tread like this, isn’t an easy task. It’s a party out back as well. We got the flared bedside panels like we talked about a little bit earlier, completely new bumper here as well, different from those standard F-150 bumpers, to make room for that new dual exhaust system. But also help to give you a little bit more of a departure angle when you’re really wheeling this thing off-road. Now, that dual exhaust system, well, depending on your taste, doesn’t sound that bad. It’s loud enough to give you a little bit more of an experience but without being over-the-top. And Ford has actually come out and said they didn’t wanna hide or run away from the fact that this thing is a V 6. And they didn’t wanna mask the exhaust note because of it. Now, they also actually offer a few different expensive graphics options as well, but if you’re the less is more type of owner, you might want to skip the thousand bucks those things are going to cost you and put it towards something a little bit more useful.

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Better Road-Mode

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HD Wallpapers mountain track

Now, the old Raptor, yes, it had an off-road mode, but if you wanted a twist or tweak a few things, you had to do so through a cumbersome combination of button pushes, switches, and all that good stuff. Not the case here with the 2017. Everything is very clearly laid out for you for whatever terrain you’re about to cross. Now, this is going to control everything from your engine parameters to your four by for your steering feel, and even your traction control. It will set the locker for you if needed. It’s a great way to take all the guesswork out of off-roading and allow you, the driver to focus on the terrain ahead.

So, let’s run down these driving modes because there are six altogether to choose from, three on-road, three off-road. For your on-road modes, you have normal, basically what you drive the truck every day, barring any bad weather. There’s a sport mode that does kick up the engine parameters a little bit, helps the truck feel a little bit more sporty, changes some of their transmission settings as well keeps the truck in gear a little bit longer, and also, changes your steering feel. Last but not least for the on-road modes, you have weather. Now, this is really going to dump the truck down as far as engine parameters.

It’s going to kick in some traction control help as well. And it’s also going to help you kick in the four-wheel drive automatic mode to help you get through some bad weather. Now, the off-road modes are where things start to get a little bit interesting. For instance, there is a mud or sand mode, there’s also a baja mode, and a rock crawling mode. That Baja mode is what ford is most proud of with the 2017 raptor, and this is going to be used in high-speed, desert-running-type scenarios.

More Cool Feature

One thing I do really think is cool about this feature here is that they built in an engine calibration with an anti-lag. So, when you’re running through the desert at high-speed, it’s going to help keep those turbos spooled up, so you have power on tap at all times. The rock crawling mode is what it sounds like. It’s just going to help you descend hills when times get a little hairy. But for the most part, the mud or sand mode is what you’re going to be using when you’re doing some off-roading. Now, driving modes aside, there are a few other options when it comes to tricking out the inside of your 2017 raptor. The trucker in now, guys, it’s a stripper truck. And what I mean by that is, there’s really not a whole lot of options, it’s the 800A package, which essentially is a Ford-based package for the raptor. If you’re getting the sport cloth seats, you’re not getting the fancy touchscreen, but you’re still getting everything that makes a raptor a raptor from a suspension standpoint. 801A kicks things up a notch.

You’re getting leather; you’re getting the touchscreen, you’re getting synced, things like that. But if I were going to buy this truck, ball out, go 802A. You’re going to add the optional carbon fiber package, the orange trim leather seats, the 410 front dip, and also, the very tricked 360-degree camera.

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Very helpful when this thing is wheeling off-road or if you just want to park this monster at your local mall. Again, that will add roughly 8 to 10 grand onto the final price tag, but overall guys, a very affordable truck. In fact, the truck I’m in right now can be had for less than 50 grand sticker price which is more affordable than my lariat. So, you factor in an 801 or an 802A package Raptor, and you have all the creature comforts of a lariat or even a platinum F- 150 but with the suspension and hardware to about drive over anything. Under the hood, you’ll find the new for 2017 twin-turbo charged, 3. 5-liter high output ecoboost engine.

Yes, easily the most polarizing part about this truck for all the die-hard V 8 guys and gals out there, listen, does the sound suck? Well, to be honest, yes, it does. However, it’s not enough to make you want to write this truck off completely. In fact, with the increased horsepower and torque, along with that lightweight aluminum body, the new for 2017 eco boost would easily blow the doors off the 6. 2-liter raptor, even if it sounded terrible while doing so. But let’s remember what I said at the very beginning of this video. The sooner we get past the sound of this thing, the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy this truck fully. So, what do you say we do that? Now, this isn’t your standard run-off-the-mill 3. 5-liter eco boost that you’re going to find in the standard F- 150.

This is the high output version, and yes, there are differences, lots of them. You’re looking at a different crankshaft, different rod bearings, different pistons resulting in a different compression ratio. Ford actually tossed in some oil piston squirters here for this thing as well. You’re also looking at different turbos, different wastegates, and a different intercooler. Now, all of these differences result in an advertised power output of 450 horsepower 510-foot pounds of torque at the crank. And the nice thing about this turbocharged power plate is that these numbers are going to be very easy to inflate with the addition of an aftermarket tune.

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