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Cool Features of 2017 Ford F-350 You Should Know

The 2017 Ford F-350 is a very nice truck. I’ve shared a bunch of 2017 Ford F-350 Wallpaper in the previous post. Perhaps you love to take a look.

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck

One thing that’s really cool about this truck is it has the whole roof opens up to let you see out even if you’re in the backseat. So, there you go, that’s some really neat stuff going on there. Now, some of the other features up here, you can see that unlike some of the other vehicles that either don’t have control buttons or they may only have a couple, this truck actually has six auxiliary switches. You can hook these up to work different things that you add on to your vehicles such as spotlights and things that of that nature.

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty Interior

Right here is your switch that allows you to open and close your rear sliding glass which is pretty awesome that it has that as well. And if you follow right over here to the driver’s side visor, you can see there are three different controls over here. These actually allow you to program in for your garage door, so you can just hit these open and close your garage door without carrying that little clip-on thing. Okay, so let’s take a look at the rear. All right guys, one of the really neat things about the interior of this new F-350 is the rear seating compartment. As you can see there’s plenty of room back here to start with. Plus, you have your seats that have. You have that center armrest in the middle which is kind of nice. And these seats actually work in two ways.

They actually fold down, and that gives you access to your jack and some stuff that’s in behind the seats. Or they actually fold up in this manner. And that’s not all, guys, check this out. It has a locking capability here to lock this down, or you can unlock this and you open this up, pull this lever right here, and you have built-in under seat storage. How cool is that? all right, right here you can see you have your controls for your heated seats to turn them off and on.

You also have a cigarette lighter style outlet, so if you have those style plugins for whatever your chargers and those kinds of things, you can just do that. And the really awesome feature on here is this AC 110 volt outlet which is powered by a power inverter over here underneath the backseat. So that way, if you have laptops or things of that nature you need to power, right there you go, guys.

Some of the different things available on our dash is we can set and adjust things. We have things under my view as our off-road status, or fuel economy, and things of that nature. Also, we have things where we can set for our trip, or we can look at our fuel economy or fuel history.

We can change to our navigation or compass. And also we have our truck info which is very important, especially if you’re towing, so that way you can watch your transmission temperature and your exhaust fluid gauge, things of that nature, so that way you don’t overheat while pulling. You have a towing section which actually allows you to setup for a different variety of towing situations.

2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty navigaion

You also have your off-road which is really cool because it actually shows you the degrees of tilt of your vehicle. So if you’re off-roading on some hills, that kind of things, you don’t roll the vehicle over. And then you have all your different settings that you can set and adjust, some things like the auto high beam, your blind spot, cross traffic alerts, things like that. So let’s go ahead and take this truck for a drive and see how it rides and handles. You can see here under acceleration, the truck with this new turbo diesel has plenty of power. It’s gonna get you down the road, get you where you need to go.

It really feels like it’s got a lot of strong power to it and probably more than I’m actually I’m going to need just driving down the highway here. You can see that the gauges are all really right on your face where you can see those everything looks good, and no issues. It handles really nice. Ine of the key features of this new upgraded version of this truck is the adaptive steering which basically is speed sensitive, so it changes the gear ratio of your steering automatically depending on the speed of the truck.

So we can tell here, the ride is very typical of your Ford F-series trucks. It feels good; it feels solid. And when you’re driving down the road it actually feels like you’re driving a truck. And you can see here that all the mirrors along with all your different sensors, and all the different views that you have available to you, you can get plenty of visibility around this truck. So you never have to worry about, where you’re going to end up. So, there you go, guys. See you next time.

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