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New Feature of 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor (Test-Drive)

We’ve just talk about this new raptor on the previous post here about 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HD Wallpaper. So now we will discuss what’s new on this awesome raptor.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor HD Wallpapers White Desert Track For Desktop

Stronger Transfer Case

Another new addition for the 2017 Raptor is a stronger transfer case, along with that 10-speed automatic transmission that was actually co-developed by both ford and general motors. Now, this was more than likely done to help EPA numbers but there are some benefits while on the road. Even though those shifts never really seem to stop, they are firm and pretty pleasant especially when controlled by the magnesium paddle shifters on the raptor-specific steering wheel, another awesome addition to the raptor and something I’d like to have in my personal F-150.

Now, there’s no long-term durability testing done yet on either the high output engine or that 10-speed auto, but needless to say, they’re up for some pretty hardcore thrashing. All right guys, so, we’re in the truck, on the road. Let’s hammer down, shall we? all right. So, there’s a little hesitation between these paddle shifts, but all in all, this thing gets up and boogies pretty well for a big truck. So, we’re in sports mode now, and as you can see, it really holds the gear in this thing.

Low-End Torque

I have a 2015 Lariat, eco boost truck; sports mode tends to do the same thing. But I almost feel like it’s a little bit more exaggerated here with the 10-speed. And listen, the 6.2’s great, right? I mean, obviously, we all know it sounds better. It’s a big, hulking motor, right? its displacement is just red-blooded, bald eagle, American motors.

That being said, that cheesy adage, no replacement for displacement, except boost and that really is the case here. I mean, the low-end torque in this thing is just awesome, I mean, it puts you back. And that’s kind of what you want too in an off-road rig like this because you figure you want that low-end torque to be able to pull you out of obstacles, things like that and it’s on tap, so, that is good. But we’re merging onto the highway, put our foot into it a little bit, plain rolls out.

Now, this big BFG, the KO2s, again, for having such an aggressive tread compound, they’re really quiet on the road. I mean, we’re on a concrete highway, there are grooves, there are things like that, dead quietist’s really quiet inside the cab as well. The ride’s good. I mean, listen, I could see daily this thing all day and have absolutely no complaints, maybe the gas mileage, I mean, we’re looking high single digits now, low double-digits. Granted, we’ve been flogging the absolute piss out of this thing.

This is only available in a Raptor configuration. And underneath that new frame, of course, you’ll find an abundance of armor to protect all the truck vitals. In fact, chief engineer of ford performance Jamal Hameedi said this thing features an abundance of high-strength steel, reinforced shock mounts so you can get a pretty crazy off-roading addition to a lot more bolstering, kind of between the bed and door area, which is a known weak spot for these things.

We’re thrashing it now man. So, Jamal, so far, so good. But without a doubt, the star of the raptor, of course, is the suspension, just like the previous generation. And once again, it just really separates this truck from any other F- 150 or any other truck on the road for that matter. Ford performance and fox racing teamed up yet again to come up with an even crazier creation this time around compared to the last generation Raptor including The 2020 Ford Bronco, featuring 44% more capacity than that previous generation Raptor’s components.

New Suspension

Now, this all starts with a massive three-inch shock featuring nine levels of internal bypass or zoning which allow you to get pretty crazy off-road like we’re doing now and a ton of travel. Again, 13 inches up front, nearly 14 inches in the rear, these are just ridiculous numbers allows you to get pretty dumb off-road and also allows you to run desert terrain at speeds previously reserved for trophy trucks.

Let’s see what this new suspension can really do, shall we? all right, get this puddle here. Oh boy, hold on. Yeah. It can go through puddles pretty good. Oh lord, wipers work pretty well.

This place is pretty rutted out, and we’re definitely testing that suspension and the travel. Holy hell. This is a lot of fun. I got to get me one of these things man. Well, we just made short work of this pretty deep, rutted out trails. Honestly, this thing barely is breaking a sweat.

All these levels of internal bypass and zoning allow for a comfortable, almost sporty ride while on the road. And that final ninth level of internal bypassing actually acts as like an internal bump stop preventing these things from bottoming out while on the road or the trail. Now does this mean you can buy one of these things right off the showroom floor and enter it into a jumping contest? Well, not exactly, but it does mark a huge step forward for a factory-produced truck, and it does allow you to get pretty crazy off-road. Well, we came, we saw, and we pretty much drove over every damn thing in sight. And as expected, the 2017 raptor is really nothing short of amazing.

Now, the sad part is, most raptor owners out there will probably never see anything more than pavement, which is a damn shame because this thing really is incredible off-road. And if that is the case, hand me your keys and I will promptly Baja mode my way to jail. Now, guys, you have to thrash in this thing, you have to be tough on it because then, you really know where your money goes. Or you can just sit and kind of stare at it too which is what I’m about to do right now.

Well, guys, that’s Going to wrap up this episode of the hot lap and my review here of course of the raptor. I had a blast getting this thing a little muddy, and it really is an awesome machine if you can get past the noise of course. And we want to hear from you guys. Drop us a comment wherever you’re reading this and let us know what you think of the raptor and the review.

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