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New Ford Bronco 2020 Will Gets Solid Axles

If you were already excited about The Return of 2020 Ford Bronco, you’re about to lose your mind. Automotive news believes that Dana Incorporated Company will be supplying front and rear Solid Axles for the new ranger and Bronco. Fords on track to have an amazing Wrangler competitor, except for the fact that automotive news is wrong.

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2020 Ford Bronco black custom. 2020 ford bronco Solid Axles

We’ll be keeping close tabs on the development of these trucks. So let’s get started on these solid axles. Dana, as I’m sure you all know, will be supplying solid axles for the new wrangler. And thank god for that. A wrangler with independent front suspension would be terrible. Automotive news believes a quote from a dana investor presentation proves that the Bronco and Ranger will also have solid axles.

Now, here’s exactly what was said in that presentation. At Dana, were fortunate to announce that both of these vehicles will be equipped with full Dana drive-line systems. And in the article auto news said Dana would be using their advantage gear technology. But this means absolutely nothing in regards to solid axles.

2020 Ford Bronco Black, 2020 ford bronco Solid Axles

When you do a little bit of research, and I do mean a little bit, you’ll see both solid and independent options. And adding to that it’s basically a sure thing that the new Ranger will be almost identical to the T6-ranger available overseas. Those models have an independent front suspension, so we really don’t expect Ford to that much work when their press conference said it would only have unique front styling and engine options.

2020 Ford Bronco

Nothing about axles, nothing. It’s possible that by there will be a new platform in 2020 for the Bronco and Ranger, but honestly, we don’t have high hopes. And trust me, we really want it there to be a true, tough Bronco; a real off-road vehicle the same that bill ford said it would be. Would the Bronco be good with an independent front suspension or would it be total trash?

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