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Return of The Bronco 2020 & Ford Ranger

Every year cars and trucks gain more and more tech, and without a doubt, the tech and auto industries are becoming one in the same. Although history shows us that new auto makers have a difficult time getting started, the tech industry has a history of start-ups.

There may never have been a time where the merging of the two has been more relevant. In today’s news refresh well talk about CES, the largest tech conference in the world as well as news from The North American international auto show, better known as the Detroit auto show.

Return of The Bronco

2018 ford bronco HD, new bronco 2018, return of the bronco

New Bronco 2018

Before we talk about the return of the Ranger and Bronco, let’s start with CES. Few trucks were featured, but it’s good to understand where the auto industry as a whole is headed. CES is the only event in Las Vegas bigger than SEMA, and trust me when I say this, SEMA is HUGE. Electric vehicles were a big part of the show. One promising vehicle was the Faraday future FF 91 (nine one), a 1,050 hp four doors with a 378-mile range.

It’s only a matter of time before the technology is being used in trucks. In fact, TMG brought out an electric Jeep to SEMA, so you should go check out our video below. Cars are also getting smarter. Ford announced amazons Alexa software would soon be integrated into sync. What can Alexa do? It does just about anything you ask it to. Check out some of the examples in fords video: Alexa.

What was the score last night for the Detroit game? Last night Detroit beat Tampa Bay five to three. Map me to the nearest coffee shop. Getting directions to Eden roast. Play the audio book I was just playing at home. Getting your book from audible. Resuming the seven habits of highly effective people. Close the garage door. Ok. Turn on the porch lights. Ok. FCA chose to only do a press conference at CES and premiered their portal concept, a car designed for millennials by millennials whatever that means.

A press release, however, confirmed some rumors that have been around for a while. First, the Jeep pickup is confirmed, though there’s not much more information than that. A new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer has been confirmed as well. Based on the plant where it’s going to be manufactured is expected to be the body on the frame rather than unibody. Sergio Marchionne has been adamant about the growth of the Jeep lineup. He once said, when I see a range rover on the street, my blood boils, because we should be able to do a thing like that. And we will.

They’ll be spending $ 1 billion dollars to retool and modernize multiple assembly plants throughout the country to make that a reality. Moving on to the North American international auto show, better known as the Detroit auto show, the Honda ridgeline won truck of the year. But is this really surprising? The show isn’t really truck centered so it makes sense that the ridgeline would win. Chevy’s press conferences focused on the bolt EV. So we’re just going to skip it.

I’m sure you can find info on it somewhere else. Like, google. Ford probably had the best press conference. The majority focused on the city of tomorrow which includes more electric and autonomous cars. In fact, they have 13 new hybrid and electric vehicles coming in the next 5 years. The models that stand out to us are 2 pursuit rated hybrid police vehicles, a fully electric small SUV with 300 miles of range and the Mustang hybrid with V 8-like power and more low-end torque.

The most exciting model though was the F- 150 hybrids which can be used as a mobile generator and will be available by 2020. Unfortunately, that’s all the details we have. What would make you consider buying a hybrid truck? let us know in the comments below. Ford also announced the new look of the 2018 Ford F-150.

2019 ford f-150

The grille, bumper, and headlights are updated, looking more like the super duty, and the tailgate has a bit of an update as well. And there’s a diesel option! We don’t have power numbers on that yet but the engine will be a new 3. 0L power stroke V 6 turbo diesel.

Ford Announces Bronco Will Return in 2020

And now for the part, I’m sure you’ve been waiting for. The Ranger and Bronco are officially making their comeback! But it may not be exactly what you’ve been wanting. The Ranger is said the have unique front styling, engines, and features. So basically it’s just an updated version of the T-6 ranger available in the rest of the world.

Lets hope Fords were not setting themselves up for failure in the midsize truck market. Also, we’re calling it now, and the Ranger will have some form of autonomous capabilities based on the reveal graphic. I mean, it looks like Tron, so it has to be driving itself, right? And then we have the Bronco. Let’s play the video to show you exactly what we know for sure. Yeah, that’s it, a 15-second video that shows us literally nothing except that it’s coming in 2020.

Come on, what can we expect from this new vehicle? Luckily a designer for the new ranger anonymously posted to Reddit and did a Q& A to reveal some juicy tidbits. When asked about the Bronco he said it would be very similar to the current Ford Everest. He also said it would only come in a four door variant. Some good news, though, when the jeep wrangler was mentioned he replied, we are benchmarking the wrangler unlimited for design considerations on the Bronco that could be good.

The Look of 2020 Ford Bronco

Click the photos below to see full resolution.

2018 ford bronco HD, new bronco 2018, return of the bronco

2018 ford bronco HD, new bronco 2018, return of the bronco

2018 ford bronco HD, new bronco 2018, return of the bronco

2018 ford bronco HD, new bronco 2018, return of the bronco

2018 ford bronco HD, new bronco 2018, return of the bronco

Lets hope we get a true Wrangler competitor because that just means more fun for everybody. Even if you can’t take the top off. Are you ready for the Ranger and Bronco come back? Vote in the comment box below. And make sure to stay tuned for the latest Ford news.

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